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      Dongguan Trust Co., Ltd.

      Dongguan Trust Co., Ltd. is a holding company of our company with a registered capital of RMB 1.45 billion. Its main business includes fund trusts, movable property trusts, real estate trusts, marketable securities trusts, other property or property rights trusts, etc. It is one of the five trust companies in Guangdong Province. Many indicators rank among the top 68 trust companies in the entire industry.

      ABOUT US

      The main business activities of Dongguan Jinhua’s investment platform include: private equity investment, industrial integration, mergers and acquisitions, etc. The establishment of a variety of funds including the Industrial Investment Fund, M&A Parent Fund, Zhenjie Cooperation Fund, and Enterprise Direct Investment Fund. Holding the advantages of financial licenses, cooperating with the government and its platforms, linking listed companies, giving full play to the advantages of local financial platforms for comprehensive financial services, continuously promoting the innovation and growth of outstanding enterprises in the long-term, and helping our enterprises to become bigger and stronger and promote the real economy. Accelerate development.